About Ready to Team Up

Ready to Team Up is a co-creation of CVN and RSM/ECE and enables you to assess quickly and easily how ready your startup is to enter into a successful partnership with corporates.

Ready to Team Up helps startups to assess their readiness to effectively work together with corporates. In order to accelerate their business, many startups reach out to corporates for collaboration. Yet, working together with corporates is not always easy, and both startups as well as corporates need to bridge each other’s worlds. This assessment helps to better understand whether startups are prepared to do so.

In addition to the assessment itself, the tool also showcases examples of 'how to' collaborate with corporates from startups that already have gained experienced with corporates.

The tool was developed by Corporate Venturing Network, Rotterdam School of Management / Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, and supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The initial set of best practices have been provided by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, members of Corporate Venturing Network and corporate partners of the COSTA program, which stands for 'collaboration COrporates & STArtups'. COSTA has been launched in 2016 with the participation of KPN, AkzoNobel, DSM, Eneco, ING, KLM, NS, Philips, Port of Rotterdam, Rabobank, Shell, Thales Nederland BV, Unilever, ANWB and ASML.






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